Jessie Reyez - Fuck It (Stripped) (Vevo LIFT)

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When Jessie Reyez rolled through her song “Figures” with just an acoustic guitar at our dscvr shoot earlier this year, she used an air of gentility as a bed for some truly fierce vocals. Her voice swooped and darted, and her passionate song of abandonment cut to the heart. Jessie’s making a name for herself right now. Our 26-year-old LIFT artist knew she had songs since her since high school days, so after growing up in a Toronto suburb, she opted out of college, and followed her muse to Florida for some beach busking and life-living. When she got back up north, she had a vision of who she might be and the courage to keep going. There’s a sense of urgency in her art; she weds a determined feminist vibe with love of family, respect for culture and dedication to emotional truth. Her ‘Kiddo’ EP is one of the year’s strongest debuts, full of invention and ambition. Her stripped-down takes of “Fuck It” and “Gatekeeper” reflect that signature sensitivity; watching them you know you’re seeing the real deal reveal herself right in front of you.

Director: Ryan Booth
Producer: Micah Bickham

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