Billie Eilish - Vevo Meets: Billie Ellish

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Vevo Meets: Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish (full name: Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell) is three months away from her 16th birthday and has already amassed an impressive resume. She's been steeped in creativity since birth: both of her parents are musicians and actors, she was a member of the Los Angeles Children's Choir when she was eight, and began writing songs a few years later with her brother, Finneas O'Connell (who appeared on 'Glee' and is a member of the Slightlys). A few early efforts – “She's Broken” and “Fingers Crossed” – gained notice on SoundCloud. But Billie's breakthrough came in 2016 with the viral hit “Ocean Eyes,” a moody electro-pop stunner which led to her signing with Interscope Records. It's been full-speed-ahead ever since, with the release of the arresting single and video “Bellyache,” a song on the '13 Reasons Why” soundtrack (“Bored”), and her debut EP 'dont smile at me. In our “Vevo Meets” session, the 15-year-old talent talks about writing her first song, how Rihanna and 'The Walking Dead' inspire her, and why microwaved pineapple is such a treat.

Producer: Priya Minhas

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